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Conterway-Sales BOSCH FME-420-LSN-TTL LSN improved Test Tool Fire Alarm Systems | LSN improved Test Tool

2020/1/15      view:
Conterway-Sales BOSCH FME-420-LSN-TTL LSN improved Test Tool Fire Alarm Systems | LSN improved Test Tool

 Differentiated fault detection and localization on the LSN and LSN improved field bus
 Professional installation check for handover including documentation
 Basic functionality testing of peripherals (for sounders and beacons)

The Test Tool tests whether the field bus (LSN andLSN improved) and peripheral elements connected to the bus are set up and functioning correctly. LSN and peripheral elements in a loop, stub, or T-tap and faults in the wiring or in elements are identified and indicated.
LSN field buses belonging to the following panels can be tested using the test device:
• FPA-5000 Modular Fire Panel
• FPA-1200 Fire Panel
• BZ 500 Fire Panel
• UEZ 2000 Hold-Up and Security System
• UEZ 1000 Fire, Hold-Up, and Security System
• NZ 300 Hold-Up and Security System
• MAP 5000 Hold-Up and Security System
• UGM-2020 Universal Security System
System overview:

2 | LSN improved Test Tool
3 LSN connection
4 Power supply (max. 230 V)
5 On/off switch
6 USB port
7 Ventilation
The Test Tool has two main functions. First, the autodetection detects all elements connected to the field bus and displays their properties. Second, the resistance measurements detects divergencies in line and contact resistances.
Note that the resistance measurements are restricted to loop topologies. Stubs cannot be measured.
Detected faults
• Short circuits
• Creeping shorts
• Interruptions
• Creeping interruptions
• Ground faults
• Defective and faulty elements
• Duplicate rotary switch addresses
• Incorrect LSN mode setting
Region Certification
Europe CE FME-420-LSN-TTL
Parts included
1 LSN improved test device
1 Power cable with mains plug
1 USB interface cable
1 LSN adapter
5 LSN connection cables with plug-in terminals and alligator clips
1 Grounding cable
1 CD with software and driver
Technical specifications
Voltage range 110 to 230 V AC (50 to 60 Hz)
Operating temperature 0 to +45 °C (+32 to +113 °F)
Storage temperature -25 to +80 °C (-13 to +176 °F)
Protection category IP30
Weight Approx. 5.5 kg (12 lbs)

Ordering information
LSN improved Test Tool
For testing the LSN field bus and connected
Order number FME-420-LSN-TTL

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