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Conterway-Sales Axis T8415 wireless installation tool 5506-231

2020/4/3      view:
Conterway-Sales Axis T8415 wireless installation tool 5506-231
Axis T8415 
This battery powered, handheld device by Axis is designed to make the installation of IP cameras quicker and easier. The handy, wireless installation tool connects directly to a network camera and displays live video on the installers smartphone using the included mobile application. The powerful battery in this model is able to power up an Axis PoE camera (up to 30W) and built-in WiFi allows live video to be displayed on a range of Android and iOS devices. Additionally, this compact tool includes support for PoE+.
The mobile application included with this unit enables live video feeds to be displayed on the installers mobile device, quickly and easily. The app is supported by iOS and Android and is downloadable from the App Store or Google Play. Basic camera functions such as focus and image rotation can be adjusted via smartphone or other device - resulting in efficient and flexible set up, even if the camera is in a hard to reach area. Other functions that can be configured remotely include viewing angle optimisation and various IP settings.
The tool powers the network camera directly from its robust battery via Power over Ethernet and fully charged, the installation tool's battery will last the entire day. The battery pack is chargeable through the integrated USB slot.
Key features & benefits
This compact tool simplifies the installation of a wide range of Axis PoE network cameras
Long life battery powers the camera, connected directly via PoE
Free of charge mobile app displays the camera's view, enabling the configuration of basic camera functions remotely
Small and compact design allows the tool to be used easily during installation
Typical applications
The compact Axis T8415 wireless installation tool focuses on solving two specific problems encountered during installation - speed and ease of configuration. Ideal for users who frequently install IP cameras or for use during the installation of a large number of cameras.
Web: 545-654 inc VAT,Up to 6,850 CN: 5506-231 
Carrying strap
AXIS Installation Tool Battery 12 V 3.4 Ah
AXIS Installation Charger Adaptor 12 V 1 A
AXIS T8134 60 W midspan (for High PoE cameras)

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